Graphic Novel Review 96/365: Drax

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Title: Drax

Author(s): CM Punk, Cullen Bunn, and Scott Hepburn

Publisher: Marvel Comics (2016)

Age Rating: 13+

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know yesterday I said I was moving away from hero comics, and here I am today reviewing a hero comic, but the used book store had this one, and I’ve been anxious to check it out, and it’s written in part by a pro-fighter: CM Punk!  I also love the character of Drax, one of the best characters in the Guardians!

Yes, like many of you, my first experience with the Guardians of the Galaxy came from the amazing 2014 Marvel film of the same name.  But since seeing that film, I’ve read quite a bit of Guardians titles: Rocket Raccoon; Star Load; the new Guardians of the Galaxy, of which this Drax run is a spin-off.  The new Guardians are comprised of Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Vemon, Thing, and Kitty Pryde.  It’s a different group, but it works.  And if you’re interested in how these characters mesh, check it out.

This Drax book begins with the Guardians quickly ending a mission and going their own ways to take care of individual personal business.  Drax decides to hunt Thanos, as usual, and ends up on a planet with a broken ship, provided by Rocket, helping townspeople in order to get his ship working again…to continue his hunt.  He makes a few friends and ends up smashing things with crazy characters until the story ends.  And it does end with a fairy epic baddie.  But the result might not be what you expect as you approach the ending.

While the book, for me, was slow to get going, once the story settled in, and I got to know the characters, I really enjoyed it.  Scott Hepburn’s art is straight forward and colorful with no real page layout surprises…just a lot of full left to right rectangular panels to show some sweet panoramic views of dudes and things flying across the landscape in typical Guardians fashion.

This is a fun book for the action/adventurer types out there, and if you enjoy the Drax from the films, you will dig this Drax too.

CM Punk, if you read this, let’s get you on a panel with my non-profit this coming C2E2.  For reals!  Comics in the classroom; it’s for the kids, man!  How could you say no.  Chi-town represent!  Readers, tweet this at him!  But don’t anger him.  I’m a reader, not a fighter…

Happy reading!


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