Graphic Novel (Support!) Review 282/365: Heroic Friends!

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Hey, all! I have some cool things coming your way in April, so make sure that you are checking back every day. I appreciate you for reading.

Some folks have been asking me to update my “Helpful Links” page on this here blog.  I figure Hero Week is as good as any to do some updating; that way I can feature some cool people doing some cool things with comics in the classroom.

And while I will be cleaning that page and adding some cool links and friends over the weeks to come, I can tell you right now that two of my Classroom Comic Heroes and one heroic organization are getting the spotlight today!


Tim Smyth

High School social studies teacher for over 15 years, MS Reading Specialist.  Integrates comics and graphic novels into the classroom to teach both history and literacy.  You can find him on social media @historycomics and a ton of resources on his website at

Tracy Edmunds

Tracy Edmunds is an educational author, editor, curriculum developer, and teacher who fervently believes in the power of comics and graphic novels as educational tools.  Tracy has created a ton of great education resources, and you can find much of what she has done at

Pop Culture Classroom

The fine folks at Pop Culture Classroom are the heroes that brought a bunch of us motivated educators up and gave us a platform to share resources and help teachers engage students.  I highly encourage you to visit and click on “The Classroom” for tons of great resources including information on our lending libraries and free short comics w/lesson plans!

I will be loading these links to my “Helpful Links” page now!  Please keep checking back to that page as I add new friends and new resources as often as possible!

Happy reading!


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Pop Culture Classroom

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