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This will hopefully turn into the only page you need to visit for helpful comics/graphic novel links of all kinds!  Bookmark it!  I’m going to flood this place with awesome people and places!

Ronell Whitaker 

@misterwhitaker on Twitter is  We have been in this fight together since day one!  I think our URLs speak for themselves.  Please visit Ronell’s blog for amazing, thoughtful posts and resources.

Tim Smyth

High School social studies teacher for over 15 years, MS Reading Specialist.  Integrates comics and graphic novels into the classroom to teach both history and literacy.  You can find him on social media @historycomics and a ton of resources on his website at

Tracy Edmunds

Tracy Edmunds is an educational author, editor, curriculum developer, and teacher who fervently believes in the power of comics and graphic novels as educational tools.  Tracy has created a ton of great education resources, and you can find much of what she has done at

Reading With Pictures

One of the OG organizations helping and supporting educators in the classroom.  Visit for even more educational resources and assistance!


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