Let it begin! 1/365

It’s been a very long time, everyone!  I hope this reaches my followers well, and I hope this journey connects me with many more of you.

Today marks a very important day for me: today, I will start 365 blog posts in 365 days.  All of them will be reviews of graphic novels/comics (approx. 200 words each) with the exception of this post introducing the event and filling you in on the past few months.

Over the past few months, I have been busy, and while it is not to excuse the lack of content on this page, I will say that my activities over the past few months have and will shape this blog over the next year.  I’ve been to a number of amazing conventions, met a great number of amazing people, and have bought and read A LOT of books!  And while I have done these things for me, I have also done them for you.  These reviews are for you.  Over the next year, I will be reviewing books for all grade levels spanning all graphic novel/comic genres.

stack of books

I also currently teach a graphic novel senior elective English class at my high school, so please believe me when I say that I’m out here hustling for all of us!  Here is a pic of my kids at C2E2 this past April talking about their experiences in my classroom, moderated by the very funny Ryan Budds:

c2e2 my kids

I’ve also been busy doing work for The Comics Education Outreach, a program of Pop Culture Classroom, an amazing non-profit out of Denver!  Our goal on that front is two-fold: develop and deliver quality professional development on the use of comics/graphic novels in the classroom; create class sets of graphic novels, with curriculum guides, to lend out to schools in need!  The lending library was an idea that we had while traveling the country listening to tragic stories of teachers being in school districts that could not afford books.  We will be rolling out this program in the fall, so click on the CEO link to keep in the loop and apply to use one of the amazing socially-leaning graphic novel class sets!

Please follow this blog, and keep me honest.  My goal is 365 posts in 365 days.  If you read them all, you will discover new books that you love!  I have already found dozens of great new titles that I can’t stop talking about.  I look forward to helping you find books for personal and classroom use.  Please contact me with any questions at e.kallenborn@popcultureclassroom.org and follow me on Twitter @comics_teacher where I will try my best to lay off the politics, but man, is it hard…

Happy reading!

Looking forward,


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