New Comic Book Day 10: The Four Issues

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It’s Wednesday!  That means four new #1s that dropped today, reviewed for your pleasure…is what I would have normally said yesterday, but I got sick last night, and was too wiped out to get this done.  But a day late never hurt anyone, for the most part.  And there are a few interesting titles this week, so enjoy!

What If Peter Parker Became The Punisher from Marvel

Written by Carl Potts; Illustrated by Juanan Ramirez; Colored by Rachelle Rosenberg

At the comics shop, this one caught my eye first.  Peter Parker as The Punisher??  I’m down for that, and the issue started off exactly how I wanted it to: Uncle Ben dies…Peter goes wild and develops bullet shooters as well as webs.

I won’t spoil to much here, but after Peter does some serious damage, he has a return to grace moment, and he gives up the life of violence.  That’s not what I wanted.  I know Marvel doesn’t want their web-slinging Captain America to fall too far down that spiral, but if you’re going to What-If this piece, go all in.  I wanted Peter to be executing fools!  Sticking to walls, shooting criminals…but, no.  We only get that Peter for a few minutes in the issue.

Still, an interesting read.  And the costume is DOPE!


Albert Einstein: Time Mason from Action Lab

Written by Tony Donley and Marcus Perry; Illustrated by Tony Donley

This one is simple, fun, and looks like a throw-back to an earlier time in comics with its mod art style and bold newspaper-print-like coloring.

Albert Einstein is a Time Mason: a protector of time travel and a wise-cracking bad-ass.  The script is nothing too original, but that did not keep me from enjoying the read.  The dialogue, art style, and goofy action keep this one in the read pile.  And I’m dying to know who the other Time Masons are…OH…and the bad guy in the issue steals Einstein’s brain, and a past Einstein has to get his future brain back; that was pretty cool.


X-Men Black: Mojo from Marvel

Written by Scott Aukerman; Illustrated by Nick Bradshaw & Andre Lima Araujo; Colored by Guru-eFX

I have no idea what this book is.  In the first chunk, it’s a tale of a baddie named Mojo that’s hell-bent on destroying the X-Men, but in the process of getting coffee and crushing on a girl at the coffee shop, Mojo runs into a blob-skeleton guy named Glob, and they have a fairly deep discussion on what it means to be good.  Yeah…I don’t know…honestly, these characters are completely new to me, but I found it fun to read.

The second half of the issue follows Apocalypse as he slowly dies in a strange world as he transforms into a human?  I’m not sure what I need to know before reading this, but it’s strange, interesting, and continues in X-Men Black: Mystique #1.  I don’t know if I’m completely on-board here, but this was not boring in any way.


Infinite Dark from Image Comics/Top Cow

Written by Ryan Cady; Illustrated by Andrea Mutti; Colored by K. Michael Russell

My Best of the Four this week comes from Image Comics/Top Cow in the form of yet another end-of-the-universe story.  Infinite Darkness drops readers into a spaceship of the last 2,000 beings left in the universe.  As we explore their world and learn their history, there is a crime, and we follow security personnel as they inspect a strange occurrence on their mostly abandoned ship…floating in the infinite darkness.

While the story rings slightly familiar, the dark/color-changing art and overall tone of the issue are mature in the way of good storytelling.  This is not a hero book; we know that right away, and I dig it.


At the end of these posts, I’m keeping a running list of the “Best of the Four” publisher wins!  Here you go.  Ten weeks in…Image gets win 3 to take the lead!

BOOM! Studios: 2

Image: 3

Archie Comics: 1

Dark Horse Comics: 1

Marvel: 1

IDW: 1

Vault: 1

Shout out to my shop, Alternate Reality located at 111th and Kedzie in beautiful Downtown Mt. Greenwood, Chicago…where I get all of my new books.  Check them out if you are in the Chicagoland area.  Tell Tim that Eric sent ya!

Happy reading!


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