Not On My Watch: A Graphic Novel Review 12/365

Title: Not On My Watch  

Author: Isabella Rotman

Publisher: Self Published (2016)

Rating: 17+

not on my watch 1

After a day break to discuss some Raina, I’m back visiting my socially conscious friends from CAKE.

Isabella Rotman, created a short, pamphlet-style graphic novel entitled Not On My Watch: A Bystanders’ Handbook For The Prevention Of Sexual Assault.  She informed me that this book was intended for an older audience: college kids and young adults; but the lessons, although many of them dealing with alcohol, are applicable to older high school students as well.  It’s never too early to inform people about the prevention of violence.

This fifty-so-pager is small in shape but not in content.  The book takes an amazingly serious topic and packages it in a way that’s fun, educational, and memorable.  Check out the sample pages below:


The lessons are directed by Sergeant Yes Means Yes of the Consent Cavalry, and the Sergeant takes us through situations and strategies on our quest to become a part of the Consent Cavalry, and if you pay close attention and learn the lessons, there is a Consent Cavalry badge in the back of the book for you to cut out and wear with pride!

In my discussions with Isabella, she is very excited and willing to work with schools, so if you reach out to her about her work, she will be more than willing to connect.  She also has amazing deals and discounts for classroom use and purchases that you can find by clicking her name above.  However, while I suggest that readers of this blog check out this book, it does contain adult situations, so keep that in mind as you distribute and leave  it on the coffee table.  But the text heavy, well researched book does NOT contain any nudity, so no need to worry there!

not on my watch 2

Happy reading!


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