-Here’s my thesis on comics in the classroom with a focus on Shakespeare and student choice…not perfect, but there is some really great stuff here. Feel free to use my data…just give me props:

Thesis Draft Submission 1

-Power Point Presentations:

AP Comics Presentation

AP Gaming

STEM DCC Presentation

-Here is a helpful handout in teaching political or satirical cartoons:

Analyzing Satire



-I’ve created a list of 10 questions for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Color Edition Vol. 1.  These can be used as essay questions, discussion starters, Socratic Seminar talking points, or the foundation to a podcast on the book.  Use and Enjoy!

Scott Pilgrim Study Guide Questions

-Here is a study guide that I’ve made for Marvel’s Hawkeye: My Life As A Weapon.  This guide is very specific to my unique assessments, but feel free to download it and use it how you will.  Let me know if you want help amending it for your classroom!

Hawkeye MLAAW

-Here is a study guide that I’ve made for the New York Times Best Selling graphic novel A.D. New Orleans After the Deluge from Pantheon Books, created by Josh Neufeld.  Like the Hawkeye guide, the assessment part is very specific to my classroom, but please feel free to take the questions and use them how you see fit.

A.D. After the Deluge Study Guide

-Below is a study guide for Gareth Hinds’ Beowulf.  It’s a beautiful adaptation of the classic tale.  Once again, the second page is specific to my curriculum, so feel free to change however you see fit!

Gareth Hinds Beowulf Study Guide

-Below is a comic/graphic novel script page assignment/project inspired by the themes found in Moore/Bolland’s The Killing Joke.

The Killing Joke Comics Creation Assignment



-Below is the handout that we used at New York Comic Con.  It contains a cool intro to inference with comics, and it also contains a student worksheet for the NCTE pdf attached below.  At the end of the packet are a few blank comic pages to have fun with.  Play with tone, mood, and meaning through words.

Graphic Novels 101 Handout

NCTE Common Graphic Novel and Comic Terms

-If your students have a hard time with drawing their own comic, have them create their own comic script pages.  While there is no industry standard to this creation process, I’ve added a few pages that my students and myself have created (mine is the last page).  Check them out!  If you have questions about the lesson that produced these pages, read my thesis above for a full explanation.

Sample Comic Script Pages




The following lesson comes from Richards High School science teacher Tarek Cattan.  Give him a follow on Twitter: @CattanScience

Here, he’s using comics to teach chemical reactions.  Here’s his explanation as well as the handouts that he used:

“Basically, the kids were learning about the 5 different types of reactions yesterday in Chemistry (synthesis, decomposition, single displacement, double displacement, and combustion). I gave them three different comics today that symbolize three of those reactions. They have to identify the reaction in each comic and then answer further questions.

Comic #1 is a synthesis reaction because it is two characters combining in Dragonball Z. (“Fusion Dance”)

Comic #2 is a combustion reaction because The Human Torch is on fire and using fire to fight.

Comic #3 is a decomposition reaction because Peter Parker and the Symbiote are being split from each other using electricity.

The 3 comics in the activity symbolize three of the five reaction types. There are two OTHER reaction types that are not mentioned, so I had students pick one of the unused reaction types and make a comic of their own about them. That’s where the blank handout comes in.”

Blank Chemical Reaction Comic Strip

Chemical Reaction Comics


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