Storytelling Is Not Dead: 500 Comics of Summer – Post 1

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It’s been a minute, y’all!  Sorry I’ve been off the blog grid for a while.  I had to get my seniors to graduate, get started on cleaning my classroom for my big move, study for and pass the test to be certified to evaluate teachers, and I needed some time for me.

But now that I’m back, I have a cool announcement: I’m working on reading 500 single issue comics by the end of September!  I’m calling it “500 Comics of Summer.”  Pretty cool, right?  I’m going to work on blogging about it twice a week, but I will have a page that I will be updating every morning to let you know the comics that I read the previous day (since I do read myself to sleep).  You can visit that page by clicking here.

This idea came to me as I began to re-organize all of my comics.

There is a lot in these boxes that I have not read!  I’m a comics hoarder, as many of us are.  Thus the 500 in four months.  It shouldn’t be a problem, so for each 50 over the 500 that I hit, I’m going to buy myself either a new Gunpla model or a new pair of shoes.  Gotta treat yo’ self!

I’m starting with a series that I’ve had for a while.  The 30-issue run of Image Comics’ Shutter.

I’m currently about 20 issues in, and it’s dope!  This series was meant to be read as a binge; there are to many plot points and characters to keep up with month to month, but it is done, and it is collected in trades.  However, I’d suggest the single issues because the back matter is really fun!

So that’s it!  Keep up with me as I embark on this journey.  Read along with me.  Heck, make your own challenge for the summer!  If you got time, use it.

Happy reading!


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