Storytelling Is Not Dead: An Intro

This is a picture of me in a cave in Utah.  The glasses are safety goggles that I picked up at a dollar store to keep the falling sand out of my eyes.  The hood is so the sand didn’t get in my hair.  The camera light was to make me look mysterious.  My wife took the picture, and if you could have seen her, she looked even more ridiculous than me!  Point: everything has a story…even this silly little photo of me.  It’s a panel in the graphic novel of my life.

This year, as I’ve said, is themed around storytelling.  The title “Storytelling Is Not Dead” comes from a poem I wrote a few years ago in response to an argument I had with someone that was certain that the art of the story was dying.  I disagreed, and a poem and idea were born.  I don’t think I have the poem anymore; I looked for it, but if I find it, I will for sure post it for you!

This year’s focus is going to look different than last year’s.  First of all, I will only be posting 3-4 times a week, with a video or audio clip tossed in now and then.

What you can expect this year:

1.) Each Wednesday…reviews of four new single-issue #1 comics!  Yep, follow the blog on Wednesdays to find out about new titles; I will be focusing on non-hero books (this starts tomorrow!).

2.) Each Sunday…educational blog post!  I will focus on an educational concept, idea, or strategy from my classroom or elsewhere if I’m so inspired.  So plan to take a break from grading on Sunday nights and check out my latest offering!

3.) One interview each week.  The week day will vary, but I want to tell the stories of others that have influenced/inspired me.

4.) Diversity.  If you have not yet checked out Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette on Netflix, I suggest that you do.  It’s a powerful piece about acceptance and personal strife.  It’s unlike any special I’ve ever seen.  One of the most intriguing parts is the exploration of who is telling our stories, and how narrative is altered based on the teller.  For this reason, and many others, I am aiming to diversify these posts so that more than just my story is being told.  I want to work to create empathy in my readers, and one of the best ways to do this is to explore those whose story is different than ours.

I hope that you are on-board.  It’s sure to be an interesting year, and if you follow me and read some of these posts, I’m sure you will learn something or find something that inspires you to question the way in which you think.  Start with Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette!

Happy storytelling!


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