Storytelling Is Not Dead: Stories For Adults Pt. 2

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Hey, everyone!  I’ve been asked on more than one occasion to give recommendations for books that would be especially good for adults.  Adults looking to get into the medium; adults looking for new stuff to read; adults looking to teach graphic novels to adult students.

The short response is…my list is long!  BUT I will respond to this request in three blog posts, each with 10 titles.  I posted my first one last week, and you can check it out by clicking here.  There is no order here.  Just 10/30 books that I feel would be great for adult readers.  I will break them up into more traditional story and those that are a bit more avant garde.  The second installment starts…RIGHT NOW!

The following five titles are more traditional in story telling and construction.


Grand Theft Horse 

One of my top graphic novels of 2018, Grand Theft Horse is the true story of a woman that goes to extreme measures to save a horse from a dangerous industry.  This book will be a movie…mark my words.  Get in the reading before the movie comes out, and you can say…”I knew about this story last year!”  Review here.


The Gettysburg Address

This is exactly what you think it is: a graphic novel adaptation of Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address.  Amazing images are paired with the classic speech to bring new life to the historical text.  A must for fans of American history.  Review here.



This book made my top 10 of my 365.  Nicole J Georges is a fantastic storyteller.  Her true-life stories play out exquisitely in her longer than average graphic novels.  I say this as a compliment because as you’ll discover, you will want to spend time as much time as possible with Nicole and her pup.  I had tears running down my face at the end fo this one.  #truestory  Review here.


A.D. New Orleans After The Deluge 

Survivor tales from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  Created from interviews and actual photographs, this graphic novel is an amazing telling of one of the most devastating occurrences on American soil.  Author Josh Neufeld followed up ten years later, and I linked to his reporting at the end of my review.



While I have this book on the side of traditional storytelling, you have to understand that this is a true story of the Holocaust told through a story of literal cats and mice.  Art Spiegelman tells the story of his father and his journey surviving Nazi Europe.  The book is actually in two volumes, and it is a modern classic.  In 1992, Maus was the first graphic novel to win the Pulitzer Prize.  Reflection from my blog here.


The following five title are a bit more avant garde.

Pride of Baghdad 

Niko Henrichon is one of the best artists in the business; this book is gorgeous.  Loosely based on the true story of a pride of lions escaping the Baghdad Zoo after the bombing of Baghdad in 2003, Pride of Baghdad is a magnificent story of survival, friendship, and exploration.  Reflection here.


Manifest Destiny 

I’ll honestly say that I am not fully caught-up on the series, but what I’ve read, I’ve loved!  Premise is simple: Lewis and Clark, at the request of Thomas Jefferson, travel west with a group of explorers that have nothing to lose, in order to find and kill monsters that litter the American west.  Bloody and crude at times, this book is not for everyone, but it blends history with crazy fiction.  Review here.


One Hundred Night of Hero 

Old-school storytelling at its finest.  One Hundred Nights of Hero is a Canterbury Tales type of story that revolves around a woman telling one hundred nights of stories in order to save herself from an evil man.  The over-sized book feels epic in size and story.  One of my top of the 365; I crave old-school storytelling.  Review here.


The Divinity Series 

During the space race, Russia does not settle for the moon; they send cosmonauts as far into space as possible to explore the unknown.  They find more than they are ready for, and at least one of them comes back to Earth with God-like powers.  Very beautiful and strange.  This sci-fi action comic is complex and interesting.  Review here.



This is the space opera that everyone says has to appear on this list.  Part Star Wars, part Romeo and Juliet, Saga is an ongoing comic that tells the tale of lovers from different sides of a war that have a baby and run…and run…and run, into adventure.  Very R-Rated.  Lots of nudity and blood.  This one is for sure adult.  But it’s original as heck.  Review here.


There you go, friends…ten titles for the adults in your life!  I hope this list is helpful.  Stop back next Thursday for last 10 in the series and an epic recap!  I got you.

Here is the list of my favs from my 365.

Happy reading!


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