Storytelling Is Not Dead: Stories For Adults Pt. 3

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Hey, everyone!  I’ve been asked on more than one occasion to give recommendations for books that would be especially good for adults.  Adults looking to get into the medium; adults looking for new stuff to read; adults looking to teach graphic novels to adult students.

The short response is…my list is long!  BUT I will respond to this request in three blog posts, each with 10 titles.  I posted my second one last week, and you can check it out by clicking here, and my first 10 is here.  There is no order.  Just 10/30 books that I feel would be great for adult readers.  I will break them up into more traditional story and those that are a bit more avant garde.  The third installment starts…RIGHT NOW!

The following five titles are more traditional in story telling and construction.


The Underwater Welder 

Jeff Lemire is an outstanding writer and artist.  The Underwater Welder is a book about a young man, running from his broken past in his quest for love, loss, and redemption.  The book takes place in an isolated setting, forcing us to face our own occurrences of loneliness in the crowded world we live in.  Check my review here.


21: The Story of Roberto Clemente 

The true story of baseball player Roberto Clemente.  For the baseball and sport fan in all of us.  This is a cool story with amazing art.  In a medium with not a lot sports titles, this is a stand-out.  Review here.


Poppies of Iraq 

As children of immigrants grow up and become amazing artists, we get great non-fiction stories about overcoming the odds to find a place in the world.  Poppies of Iraq is one of those stories.  If you’d like more non-fiction memoirs, let a brother know!  Review here.


Secret Path 

We are not taught much about how our ancestors teated Native Americans, we are taught even less about the way in which Native Americans were treated in Canada.  This book tells the sad, true tale of a young boy that dies attempting to walk hundreds of miles, trying to get back to his family after being separated from them by the government.  The story also inspired an album; the lyrics are featured as text in the book.  Powerful.  Review here. 


The Sound Of The World By Heart 

A beautifully drawn book (seriously…one of the most gorgeous books I’ve read) about a man living in New York City that decides to stop interacting with those around him as a social experiment.  All is not what it seems in this graphic novel.  Review here.


The following five are a bit more avant garde.



Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye is one of the most interesting hero books to come out in the last ten years.  Original and creative in its construction, Hawkeye has featured issues in American Sign Language and through the eyes (emojis) of a dog.  The art is simple and clean.  You can’t go wrong with this book as a gift to a seasoned fan or someone new to the medium.  Review here. 


Syllabus by Lynda Barry

This one’s for teachers!  If you are interested in bringing some unique twists and turns to an Art or English class, pick this one up!  This book features the syllabi of creative teaching guru Lynda Barry.  Check this one out!  Full review here. 


Darth Vader 

Marvel has been putting out a bunch of cool Star Wars comics for some time.  If you were not around from the start, good for you!  That means that you have a ton of stuff to read!  From Darth Vader to Chewbacca, Marvel has a title for that Star Wars fan in your life.  Review of Darth Vader here.  


Bone Parish 

Bone Parish is a newer series from BOOM! Studios that centers around a new drug, made from the remains of people, that allows those that ingest it to experience life with or as that person, depending on the trip.  It’s a crazy title that will have you wondering what it would be like to experience life as a rock star!


Fahrenheit 451 

For the classic literature buffs out there, there are a ton of great graphic novel adaptations of beloved books.  This version of 451 is one of those great adaptations.  Be warned…not all adaptations are good.  Check with your graphic novel friends before buying a lame adaptation.  Review of 451 here. 


Here is the list of my favs from my 365.

Happy reading!


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