Sunday’s For Teachers: A Lesson In Lighting And Camera Work

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Hey, peeps!  So you know how Sundays are for teachers here on my blog, right?  Well, if you didn’t…they are.  I try to bring some cool teacher-y stuff to you each Sunday.  It might be a cool new book, a lesson idea, or just a rant.  Today, it’s the middle one.

This week I had my film class experiment with some lighting and camera work, using their iPads, cell phones, and whatever they could find around my room.  And while this lesson was for my senior elective film class, it could be easily adapted to other classes as well.  Let me tell you what we did, and you can adapt as you see fit.

Step One: break the class up into groups of 3-4, and give each group a small Lego baseplate.

Step Two: pour a good amount of Legos onto a table, and tell the students that they will take 15-30 Legos (as a group) to create something interesting on their baseplates.

Step Three: after they have created something interesting with the Legos, they need to use what is at their disposal to artistically take two photos and two 3-5 second videos that show learning of the lighting and camera work that we studied last week.

Step Four: students present their photos and videos over airplay, and we discuss their experiences…including successes, failures, and cool discoveries.

I’m not going to post any of the videos; although, there were some great ones!  But I will toss of few of the student photos down here, so you can see some of the cool shots that they got.  I think I could use this activity in my graphic novel class to help the students envision interesting panel layouts, as well as properly describe images to each other or an artist.  Imagine playing a bit of Telestrations…one group takes a photo, they pass it over to the next group who writes what they see in the photo, and then they pass the description to an artist to draw OR pass it to another group to try and recreate the photo.  Lots of opportunity for some great lessons in communication and detail!

Here are some of the photos from my class:

And this is just a few of the amazing photos that I got from my kids!  And they did all of the above in one period!  Give it a try!

Happy Storytelling!


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