Sunday’s For Teachers: A Week of Reviews and More!

Hey, teachers!

Sorry this post is a little late tonight. My wife and I painted a room, and got into some Disney Sing Along…you know how it is.

I have some excited things coming for you this week:

1.) I will be reviewing a graphic novel each day this week, starting with these four, so stop back each evening for the reviews! My goal is to have them up each day by 6:00 PM.

Two from Yehudi Mercado, and the newest from Lucy Knisley and Raina Telgemeier

I’m very excited about this. I’ve been away from All-Ages/YA graphic novels for a while, and I’ve been needing to bring teachers some reviews! The fifth is a surprise…partly because I’m still between a few.

2.) If you have not been checking out the Finer Things Club that I’m a part of, you should! We meet each Thursday evening to digitally discuss books, movies, shows, albums, etc. I post our new selections (3 a week) each Friday at 3:00 PM, and we encourage you to media along. Just click “Finer Things Club” in the top bar on this page.

3.) Next Sunday for the “Sunday’s For Teachers” blog, I will be starting the unveiling of a graphic novel script that myself and some buds were working on. It’s going to be the first in a series I like to call “Teachers Creating.” It’s a difficult time, but many of us teachers have found solace in creating. I want to showcase some of those teachers!

Please stop back all week to see what’s cooking. Make this blog a daily click! There’s lots to check out.

Happy Teaching!


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