Sunday’s For Teachers: Planning a Panel

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As some of you know…because I have actually met some of you there, my cohort and I work to create amazing educational panels/workshops at Chicago’s Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2).  Chicago is our home city, so it makes sense that we can pull out the stops when when it come to proposing content for the con.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but we got some dope content being proposed this year!

In the planning process, it’s easy for us (mostly teachers) to assume what educators want.  And we have been doing this for a while, so we have some idea of what people want; however, we want to collect more data.  We want to make sure that the panels and workshops that we bring to cons across the country are what you want…not what we want.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned “hugging yourself” in a past post: the idea of doing what you like because you think everyone is into the same things that you are.  I do not like hugging myself.  I want to make sure that what we create has the panel attendee in mind.  That has actually shaped our submissions.  We are submitting a couple of panels that are audience ran.  You bring your ideas and experience to a panel, and members of Lit-X will moderate the discussion from the seats.  For teachers/librarians by teachers/librarians.

With that said, we have tossed together a little survey that we’d like you to complete about the types of content you’d like to see at educational/comic cons.  We will compile this data over the next few months and use it to shape what we do moving forward.  Here is the link:

As any good educator can tell you, surveying your peeps to see where they are and what they want is essential.  We hope to learn lots from you!

Happy reading and teaching!


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