Sunday’s For Teachers: Showcasing Student Work (The Haiku)

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This week in my Creative Writing class, I had my students create Haiku, and then we created pieces of origami on which to write our best poem, and we are going to hang them from the ceiling.  I did this a couple of years ago, and it worked well.  Not only did the kids like to see their work hanging from the ceiling, but the colorful pieces of paper added an aesthetic to my room that created another level of welcoming.  I think it had/has something to do with the grammar-school nostalgia it brings.

I was surprised to learn that many of my students had not ever created or even heard of Haiku.  I grew up creating the fun, little poems.  Needless to say, I was honored to expose them to the art form.

Out of my sixty-or-so Creative Writing students, I selected a top ten, bought those students a candy bar of their choice and read the winers to each class.  I made a bit of a flourish in handing out the candy to show the students that I keep my word, and encourage them to try and win the candy during the next challenge.  The second perk of the Top 10 is that I’m featuring them on my blog today.  I got permission from each student; I will only use initials of each author.  Hope you dig some of these as much as I do.  I will post a photo of the hanging origami later in the week, but for now, here is a pic of a couple of my favorite pieces:

And here are the Top 10 Haiku; some of these tell pretty cool stories:

Dancing is my heart

Doing leaps across the floor

Screaming from the crowd


On her way to work

A poor mother with no sleep

Trying to get out


Kicking ad breaking

The way of the hand and foot

It is all technique


Being the first choice

Compliments from a stranger

First sip of coffee


Running down the court

Scoring the winning basket

Heads home to fighting


Bang!  Off goes the gun!

And multiple people run.

Time flies, now you’re done.


Time’s taking over

You blink and already gone

It needs to slow down


Hydrogen star light

Earth glistening in moonlight

Welcomes morning dew


Animal taken

Animal killed, bought, then cooked

Eaten then repeat


Life’s complicated

But food is the best part

So sit and…eat cake



This assignment is simple, but it establishes some classroom norms, allows the students to create without the fear of limitless boundaries, and helps the students own more of the space in the room.  Wins all around!

Happy Storytelling!


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