Sunday’s For Teachers: Update

Hey, friends!

This past Sunday my plan was to start uploading parts of a graphic novel that a couple of my friends and I were working on around 2015. That project has been sitting on flash drives, so I wanted to share some of it with you.

The day I was going to share it, one of my collaborators tossed me an article about a contest for script submissions. I waited for us to think about our options, and today, we decided to give you what we got to finally get parts out there. You will get a fairly in-depth introduction on Sunday…with the first few pages! Get excited.

For today, I’d like to share some of the awesome things that my Fine Arts Department at Oak Lawn Community High School has been doing to celebrate students as we enter the end of the year.

Spartan Digital Art Gallery
Spartan 7 “Move On Up”

First, our Music Department held a digital awards night, and this cover of “Move On Up” was recorded in quarantine by these students for the event. I had to share! Please check it out by clicking here.

Next, rockstar teacher and instructional coach Jen Wargin put together a digital art museum, showcasing work that our students have done during quarantine. Please check that out by clicking here.

Stop back on Sunday to see the first few pages of an in-progress graphic novel and to learn about our creative process!

Happy teaching! Now go do something creative…


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