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Hey, everyone!  No Wednesday reviews for me today.  My wife is working a crazy long week, and I’m picking up the slack at home and at school.  I will be posting a very cool interview this Friday…with a cool guy that was in a film that I’m sure most of you have seen!  For now, continue to enjoy my students’ fun satire headlines and enjoy the suspense!

Every once in a while, I have the opportunity to teach some young people how to write satirical headlines in the style of The Onion, and my Creative Writing class dove right in, and while they were new to the process, they hit on some gems.  I hope you enjoy these satirical headlines from my students, and if you are interested in how I front load the skills, let me know!  I also had some luck with this lesson in the past, and you can read past student headlines here.

Enjoy these!


Santa Replaces Coal With No WiFi



Tennis Association Forgives Serena Williams After Finding Out It Was ‘Time of the Month’



Activist Angry at Lack of ‘Plus-Sized’ Players In Soccer World Cup



Teen Stressed About Getting Pregnant Has Sex to Reduce Stress



Third Boy at Local School Passes Out After Girl Exposes Ankles



Local Middle School Buys Tanks to Defend Against School Shooters



Mom Doesn’t Want Sexuality Pushed On Child Proudly Declares 3-Year-Old Has Multiple Girlfriends



Kid Wins Ten Thousand Dollars In Fortnight Tourney, Can’t Cash Check Due to Fear of Sun and Other Humans



Mexican Government Agrees to Right to Bear Chancla Law



Teen Leaves High School Only Knowing Mitochondria Is Powerhouse of the Cell


Happy Storytelling!


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