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Storytelling Is Not Dead: New Comic Book Day 23

It’s Wednesday!  That means new comic book day and a stack of number ones reviewed just for you!

I started something new a few weeks ago: I featured student guest reviews of some new titles, and we will be doing that again today!  That’s right.  I get to the comic book store at 7:00 A.M., buy a chunk of new titles, have students stop in and grab a few, they read them, we review them.  All in the course of the school day.  I hope you enjoy.  My plan is to feature two-four student writers each Wednesday.


Savage Avengers from Marvel Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan; Illustrated by Mike Deodato Jr.; Colored by Frank Martin

Review by Anthony A.

This book is an introduction to the Savage Avengers and how they first get together.  The full story is not in there. I assume that the rest is going to be in the next book because it ends with a couple different interesting things.  Assuming the Savage Avengers are all on the cover, only four of them actually appear in this issue and only two of those are in the issue for more than a page.

So far it is an interesting and slightly cryptic story.  I do like the whole cryptic thing though because it has me asking questions and gives me a the desire to read the next issue for those answers and to get more questions.  

I liked the art in the book.  It is very dark and very detailed; there are a few textureless background areas in the book, but a majority of it is consistent in its detail.

I think that this common formula of a team of saviors is going to be good and a darker take from Marvel.  Dark things are not what I am used to seeing from them, but I do like it.

One little problem: there is a short part in the book were I could not figure out how Wolverine got a sword out of his head; it was there and in the next picture it was gone.  That was a little odd.  Step it up, Marvel!


Gogor from Image Comics

Comic by Ken Garing

Review by Anthony A.

This book feels like a video game.  It has that kind of formula: something bad happens, the main character barely gets away, they find some mysterious person who can for some reason help them, then they begin their adventure.

Oddly enough I still enjoyed the book.  There is a lot of explaining to do for the writers though.  A lot of odd things are going on: the main character rides a huge mole, there is a guy with a ridiculous multicolored beard, etc.

The art in the book is not my favorite.  It lacks texture, it is quite plain, and it looks very digital.  I think it would look a lot better if there was more detail or done with ink on paper.  I do like the amount of color though.  The book is vibrant in its color, and that part is pleasing to the eye.

While rated “Teen,” this title looks like a kids book, and it may be appropriate for some kids under 13.  


Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Han Solo from Marvel Comics

Written by Greg Pak; Illustrated by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story; Colored by Tamara Bonvillain

Review by Sam V-W.

The recent Star Wars comics have been amazing; this issue is no different!

Art is stunning, as usual.  Vibrant colors with a dash of detailed character art and clothing styles that truly embody the vast diversity in the Star Wars series.

The story takes place soon after A New Hope and primarily features Han Solo and Chewbacca, although a smattering of characters such as Luke Skywalker make an appearance.  It conveys Han Solo’s introduction into the rebel alliance and the responsibilities that come along with it.  It shows the inner struggle of Han becoming a hero while also dealing with his dangerous past as a smuggler.  Although Han continually states he is NOT involved in the rebellion, he frustratingly finds himself becoming an important figure in the alliance.

The speech is well done, conveying the Han we love and know from the original trilogy.  Pacing is constant throughout, not particular rushed or bogged down by pointless or redundant scenes.

It’s worth a read, especially for fans of the original trilogy.


Goosebumps: Horrors of the Witch House from IDW

Written by Denton J. Tipton and Matt Dow Smith; Illustrated by Chris Fenoglio; Colored by Valentina Pinto

Review by Sam V-W.

I’ve never been a Goosebumps fan.  However, this is good read for children, but that’s about it.

Art is clean and colorful, a little too childish for my taste.  Not a lot of things going on in this issue. The characters are stereotypical and bland, about what you would expect from a Goosebumps story.

The plot is pretty simplistic, not exciting or captivating for an adult reader.

Speech is slowed down because the characters kept saying details that were repeated WAY too much.  Half the issue was townspeople literally saying “I heard the place is cursed” or some other equally insignificant dialogue.  As a result, the pacing is bad, and it felt like a chore to read.

Too predictable and bland for me.  I think it will go over well with children or hard core Goosebumps fans who wish to reminisce.


Nobody is in Control from Black Mask

Written by Patrick Kindlon; Illustrated by Paul Tucker

Review by me.

A late night radio host retires after 30 years in radio, only to have a strange man mumbling about conspiracies run through his back yard, in the middle of nowhere, with a briefcase practically glued to his right hand.  Our old radio host attempts to help this seemingly mentally ill man and ends up getting more than he bargained for.

This comic is good.  That’s all I really have to say about it.  The story is gripping.  The art just dark enough with some psychedelic splashes to make it stand out from other dark titles.  I’m in.  Added to the pull list.  It might end up in a direction that I do not care for, but I have high hopes for this one.

Pick of the week!


DCeased from DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor; Illustrated by Trevor Hairsine, Stefano Gaudiano, and James Harren; Colored by Rain Beredo

Review by Ryan W.

The latest event in the world of DC Comics hit the world today, and this time, it has a dark and devilish twist.

Written by Tom Taylor, DCeased is a what-if scenario in which a virus has spread across the world, turning hundreds of millions of people into blood-thirsty, ferocious, zombie-like creatures.

Without going into spoiler territory, I loved this issue in all its grimacy glory!  The issue offers what I think an appetizer to a delicious main course. I was curious as to how a zombie virus could spread across the world without our heroes being able to stop it, but Taylor thought of a genius way to implement a pandemic that I guarantee not a single reader was expecting.

The greatest part of a story is the characters and how they deal with the situations.  All of them remain faithful to the current iteration of their characters and handle the rising tension in their own unique ways.  You’ll get chills reading Batman’s narration, I promise.

DCeased offers a beautifully grim art style.  The artists James Harren, Stefano Guadiano, and Trevor Hairsine do a spectacular job at capturing this eerie tale in the DC Universe.  One great choice they made was to mellow the colors to make them darker than usual. This gives the comic a terrifying facade that makes the reader feel uneasy.  The feeling of dread coursing through you will be indescribable.

Go out and read this issue, and the whole series while you’re at it.  At the very least to see if your favorite character survives.


Black Mask is on the board with the best of the week for Nobody is in Control.  Congrats to the team of this book!  Looking forward to the run.  That makes eight different publishers on this list now!

BOOM! Studios: 2

Image: 4

Archie Comics: 1

Dark Horse Comics: 2

Marvel: 8

IDW: 3

Vault: 1

Black Mask: 1

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Happy reading!


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