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Storytelling Is Not Dead: A Team Creative Writing Activity

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Normally on Fridays, I post an interview with a person that has an interesting take on Storytelling; however, today, I’m switching it up to bring to you a story that was crafted by my 4th period creative writing class.

We do a daily writing prompt, and I try to switch up the type of writings as much as possible so the students have an eclectic body of work at the end of the semester.

This week we completed a team exercise in groups of 8-12 where the students passed their journals clockwise about every three minutes, continuing the story in front of them each time.  For this exercise, they were not to throw wrenches into the story.  They were to try to keep to the tone, mood, point of view, etc.  We’ll throw some wrenches next week…

After about 6-7 swaps, I had the students give the journals back to the owner, and then each student read the story that spawned from their initial handful of sentences.  I had the students help me select a top few in each class, and I was presented with a top seven from the two classes.  After reading them carefully, I selected one that I felt was original and a little silly.  I told the students that I’d edit my favorite, add a bit myself, and post it here.

So, here you go, a team-written story from my 4th period.  It’s a bit silly, and that’s why I know you’ll love it!

“The Bowling Situation” by a Bunch of Folks

I’ve waited my entire life for this moment.

I step up to the lane, take a deep breath, and roll the ball.  Hearing the pins fall is music to my ears.  Another strike on the board.  I’m, happy with my performance.

I go get a drink of water and a small snack as I watch my competition.  I try to stay calm, for you see, this is the biggest game of bowling I’ve ever played.

They were all so good.  I had to keep it up.  They started to catch up to me.  I needed another strike.

I stepping back up to my lane, I grabbed my ball and administered my tight grip to ensure it wouldn’t fall.

Inhaling a deep breath, I stepped while leaning forward…like my pappa taught me.  The ball sailed down the lane; not one pin fell.  I became sick to my stomach.  There was no time for failed performances.  This had been my first fuck up ever, and I could not process what had just happened.

I became so pissed at the bowlers next to me…laughing.  Like it’s the funniest thing ever.  I took my bowling ball from the ball return and aimed it for their legs, and strike goes the ball, making one dude fall.  Not very funny anymore is it, Chad?

I stopped caring.

I rapid fired every ball I could find.  Lobbing them at people.  Breaking bones, legs, ankles, heads.  I became a human slingshot.  Balls rolling so fast they tore through walls.  No one was stopping me.



Silly, yeah, but this was fun to play with.  It’s amazing what things we can come up with in less than an hour with a handful of journals and some time on a Wednesday.  I hope you dug it.  Try it with your students!

Happy Storytelling!


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