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Graphic Novel (Conference) Review 358/365: Serious Play Conference

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Hey, all!  I have some cool things coming your way in July as I end my quest of 365 blog posts in a row.  I appreciate you for reading.  8 posts to go!

As some of you know, Ronell Whitaker and I are at a conference this week, but it’s not a comic con.

We are at the Serious Play Conference in Manassass, VA.  We are learning next to some of the nation’s best in the Govt/Military; Corporate; Heath Care; Game Design; and Education sectors.  It’s a three-day conference focusing on the benefits of serious play in all aspects of learning, training, and growing.  It’s unlike any other conference that I’ve attended simply because of the variety of attendees and presenters.  My first session today was run by a guy from the Navy in charge of innovation strategies!

However, like all conferences, not all of the sessions are golden, but I got lucky: between today and yesterday, I’m taking away a good chunk of material, and there are two days to go!  Ronell and I actually got here a day early to work on a Gamification Certification, and I’d like to share a bit of the wisdom that I picked up at that workshop.

Stop hugging yourself!


Hugging yourself means that you are tossing your likes and loves onto those that you are training, teaching, or leading.  While you might be super excited about Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, you can’t expect a group of random people to love what you love.

It reminds me of time that I had the brilliant idea of teaching my English II class how to play Magic The Gathering in order to create a set of Magic-type cards for a Shakespeare play that we were reading.  Well, a good chunk of my kids didn’t give a damn about Magic, no matter my love for it, and the lesson fell flat.  I was hugging myself.  I did end up finding ways to include Magic into my lessons, but it was different and by choice.  We need to work with the majority in mind, not our interests alone.

Take that away from me as the first lesson of many that I’ll share from this conference: plan with your audience in mind, not with your interests in the forefront.

I can’t wait to share more in a couple of weeks when I’m in the Storytelling Is Not Dead year of blogging!

Happy learning!


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