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Graphic Novel Review 167/365: My 2017

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New Year’s Eve.  Thought I’d just reflect upon this past year of mine as if it were a graphic novel.  Feel free to contact me if you want to commission my story for a blockbuster book or film…

Title: Eric Kallenborn: A Year In The Life 

Author(s): Eric Kallenborn

Publisher: Eric’s Parents (2017)

Age Rating: 13+

Eric Kallenborn: A Year In The Life is a story filled with emotion and eating.

Attempting to hold his head up in a world dominated by a New World Order dedicated to keeping down those that are different, our protagonist lives each day with hope that the next day comes.  Under constant threat of world-ending idiocracy, our protagonist works his best to remain positive and help those in need.  Eric is a teacher, which in this universe is a superpower of sorts.  He battles half teenager-half robot beings on a daily basis, constantly in search of finding the best methods of taking attention from the digital gods and placing it in his hands.  Sometimes to great success, other times to great failure.

He traverses the vast countryside assisting other heroes in their quest to battle the digital gods in their own dojos while also harnessing the power of the digital gods in order to shape future brain ninjas, and he works tirelessly to network and build bridges that might benefit the heroes and their quest of shaping the world for the better.

He has a dog that has pooped more on the floor this past year than ever before.

Our protagonist’s quest for quality food interrupts the normal narrative more than once over the course of the year, for he loves food; this comes as a result of his over-active taste-buds which work as a superpower to add pounds as insulation to help adapt to the frigid weather of his homeland.

Eric has a healer wife that offers up sage advice on a number of situations as the story progresses, even though she is, at times, also crippled by the New World Order.  And she often attempts to dissuade him from adding more insulation than he needs for the winter months.

The story contains many valuable themes and motifs: persistence; hard work; innovation in the face of failure; following your dreams; running a game club at the local high school even when you feel that no one except the guy that you are running it with and possibly one or two others really care about all of the hard work that goes into it; food.

While I put this story at 13+, the language might put it a little higher; however, the language is edited during the pivotal moments, so it should be all good.  I feel that the themes of the story and efforts of the protagonist make this a story worthy of an amazing sequel.  Let’s wait and see what the next year holds!

Happy New Year!


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