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Graphic Novel Review 299/365: The Monster at the End of this Book

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Hey, all! I have some cool things coming your way in May, so make sure that you are checking back every day. I appreciate you for reading.

Tomorrow I hit post 300 with my Top 5 of the Third 100, but for today, I end a kids book run with a special little book…

Title: The Monster at the End of this Book

Author(s): Jon Stone and Michael Smollin

Publisher: Little Golden Books (1971)

Age Rating: All Ages

About a year ago, my friends Jeff and Jeff adopted a beautiful baby girl that they named (nicknamed) CJ.  Now, as any good parent does, Jeff introduced CJ to one of his favorite books, and now it has quickly become one of her favorites.  When I asked Jeff if he had any good kids books that I should review this week, he brought this one in to school for me to check out.  But…I could not take it home because CJ is currently too attached to it.  I snapped some pictures, and here we are!  We can’t take a birthday girl’s book from her, now can we?

It’s a classic Little Golden Book.  And like Jeff, my childhood was filled with these amazing little wonders.  I remember Little Golden Books being my second major entry into reading, my first coming as a result of being an only child: I wanted to know how to read the little book on the end table that told you what was on the magical television box!  I was an only child.  The TV was my homie.  Leave me alone.  The story is cute…and sad.

But after the TV Guide, it was all Little Golden Books for me!  And as a Godfather and an uncle, I hope, like Jeff, that I can share my foundation of falling in love with reading through some amazing Little Golden Books.

The one of my focus today is a Sesame Street book titled The Monster at the End of this Book.  It features Grover pleading with the reader to not turn the pages of the book because he has heard that there is a monster at the end of it.  He becomes frantic as you proceed through the book, and at the end, you guessed it…there is a monster, and it is him.  The pacing and suspense for kids is wonderful, and who doesn’t love Grover?  It’s a winner of a Little Golden Book.

So go dig through your old stuff.  Tear through boxes in the garage, attic, and old closets.  Find those treasures from your childhood, share them with the little ones in your life.  And while I’m happy to be getting back to some more YA and older books next week, it’s been a blast spending some time with the books that will create young readers, that will turn into teen readers, that will turn into adult readers.  Life tends to move at the speed of light, so slow down, and appreciate the power we have to encourage and inspire young readers!  It’s the coolest!

And Happy 1st Birthday, CJ!  Here’s to a long life as a passionate reader!

Happy reading!


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