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Sunday’s For Teachers: A List of Amazing Books From C2E2

For starters, if you want more titles, and I know that you do, check out my 365 Reviews here.

This weekend has been an amazing one for the Lit-X collective.  We are in the middle of some great C2E2 programming, and one of those panels from Friday, that I was lucky enough to be a part of was “Titles That You Should Be Reading And Teaching.”

During that panel, Michael, Adan, Ronell, and I spent an hour tossing out great titles for the classroom and personal reading.  I told you I would compile the list of all books mentioned, so heeeeeere you go!  This is a great list for those of us knee deep in comics (I have not read a bunch of these) or those of us looking to get into the medium more seriously.

Two Books On The Desert Island:

Eric: Scott Pilgrim; everyone’s an aliebn when ur a aliebn too

Ronell: Hip-Hop Family Tree; Blankets 

Michael: Watchmen; Invincible 

Adan: Black Hammer; G.I. Joe Sierra Muerte


Tried and True Titles:

Adan: The DC Young Animals line; Eternity Girl; Mark Russell titles

Michael: Maus; Smile; Batman Year One; American Born Chinese; Pride of Baghdad; I Kill Giants 

Eric: Your Black Friend; everyone’s an aliebn when ur a aliebn too

Ronell: My Friend Dahmer; Yummy 


Deeper Cuts (although I’d argue some of those above qualify…that’s what happens when you become a comics head):

Eric: works of Cullen Bun; works of Jeff Lemire; Here; One Hundred Nights of Hero

Ronell: Something Terrible; Super Late Bloomer 

Michael: Small Things; Hostage; Upgrade Soul; Demon (Jason Shiga); Daytripper 

Adan: Bingo Love; Street Angel; Judas; The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling


Book We Mentioned Dealing With Health Issues: Hey Kiddo; Lighter Than My Shadow; Speak; Mis(h)adra 

Non-Fiction: March; New Orleans A.D.; Illegal; Box Brown titles; Nathan Hale titles

Middle School Books: Mighty Jack; Ms. Marvel; Nathan Hale books; Roller Girl; All’s Fair In Middle School; Zita The Space Girl; Amulet; Miles Morales (prose book and comics); Toon Books


Wow!  We discussed a lot of book in that hour.  Thank all of you for coming.  Read as much of this as you can, and as always, let us know how we can help you!


Happy teaching!


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