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Graphic Novel Review 193/365: Mr. Wuffles!

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Hey, all!  No special theme this week, just some cool books that I’ve been waiting to tell you about!

Title: Mr. Wuffles 

Author(s): David Wiesner

Publisher:  Clarion Books (2013)

Age Rating: All Ages

I don’t get the chance to review many picture books, which I guess Mr. Wuffles classifies.  It was recommended to me by a couple of friends that I greatly trust, so I bought it; it was shipped to me; I read Mr. Wuffles!  And now I can’t stop saying Mr. Wuffles…

This extraordinary book contains about ten English language words.  But it tells a tale of complexity that would be hard to capture with words for the target age of this book.  You see, Mr. Wuffles is a cat.  A cat that has found a small space ship full of little green beings, in his house, and Mr. Wuffles wants to play!

On the run from the large cat, the group of little green aliens must run for cover and find like-minded allies in order to survive and get back to the ship.

Word bubbles in the book are filled with the unintelligible symbols of aliens, ants, and lady bugs, all plotting to out-smart Mr. Wuffles and his/her(?) big paws.  The lack of language and abundance of large, detailed images, allow for much inference and visual exploration.  I’m excited to take this book to my niece, who is four, and see what she gets out of it!  This is a complex book:  aliens work with bugs to create and follow through with a plan to get the aliens back on their way home; the art is rich and detailed, filled with bug hieroglyphics etched into wall crevices, telling old tales of cat-astrophe!

I can see this book sparking imagination and creativity in little ones.  I’ve read my fair share of picture books in college courses and at my sister-in-law’s house, but Mr. Wuffles, by far, seems to be the most thought-provoking.

Happy reading!


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