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New Comic Book Day Five: The Four Issues

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It’s Wednesday!  That means four new #1s that dropped today, reviewed for your pleasure.

It’s another thin week for number #1s both in amount dropped and in quality.

West Coast Avengers from Marvel Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson; Illustrated by Stefano Caselli; Color by Triona Farrell

Switching it up and starting with my “Best of the Four” this week, and it goes to Marvel’s West Coast Avengers.  You know I try not to get books from the Big 2 to review, but the low #1 production this week had me quickly grabbing this cool-covered book written by fan fav Kelly Thompson.

While this book does have the feel of a traditional Marvel title, the humor and character interactions that are jammed into issue #1 here are impressive and take away some of the issues I’ve been having with the Big 2 stuff lately.  I’ve also been a fan of Hawkeye (both of them) for a while now, so that helps in my enjoyment of this book.

It’s not perfect though.  The interviewing to complete a team of heroes is a bit over done (see Deadpool 2), and I’ve read waaay too many books that take the “reality show” plot and run with it (but I do read A LOT of comics/graphic novels).  It’s time to end the reality show comic.  Or is it?  I don’t know.  We are living a reality-show government, so I guess it makes sense that they keep coming.

Anyway….fun book; cool characters; great art.  Pick of the week.


Obliv18n from Scout Comics

Written by Ken Kristensen; Illustrated by Francesco Gaton; Colored by Jen Hickman

From my favorite to my least favorite.  Obliv18n from Scout Comics is excessive.  Not really sure what it’s about after issue #1, but lots of sex, swearing, and rape threats to keep the kids reading…not for me.


Cold Spots from Image Comics

Created by Cullen Bunn and Mark Torres

Cullen Bunn writes Bone Parish, one of the past Best of the Four winners, so I was excited for this one.

A ghost story with cool, faded-looking art, Cold Spirits could be bringing some interesting story as it progresses; however, this first issue feels slow and slightly disjointed.  I wanted more character development and deeper roots to the story.  I know it’s just issue one, but I’ve seen issue one pacing that works well, and while this might end up working better as a full graphic novel when the run is done, I feel issue one feels unfinished.


Beasts of Burden: Wise Dogs and Eldritch Men from Dark Horse Comics

Written by Evan Dorkin; Ilustrated by Benjamin Dewey

This classic Dark Horse comic originally created by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson follows a group of dogs (and a cat or two along the way) that protect their town from the paranormal.  Think Hellboy, but with animals.  Actually, our furry Beasts of Burden friends once had a crossover with Hellboy!  I have not read it, but I’m interested…

The art is strange and so is the story.  Being new to the Beasts, I would have liked an origin story of sorts; the story reads as if the writer expected me to know about the animals.  For me, that is the biggest issue; I wanted to get into this issue a heck of a lot more.  It’s good, but not as good as if I would have known more about these furry friends going in.


At the end of these Wednesday posts, I’m also going to be keeping a running list of the “Best of the Four” publisher wins!  Here you go.  Five weeks in…Marvel on the board (could have been Dark Horse…shame!):

BOOM! Studios: 2

Image: 2

Marvel: 1

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Happy reading!


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