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Graphic Novel Review 264/365: Beef Jams Tournament Edition

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Bringing you my first C2E2 independent title of my show experience…and I have no idea what it is…

Title: Beef Jams Tournament Edition 

Author(s): Single Issue Anthology created by Marc Kopinarov, Dave Landsberger, and Greg & Fake

Publisher: Bogus Books (2018)

Age Rating: 17+

My students are always asking me for more sports comics, so when I when I found Beef Jams in artist alley at C2E2, I was stoked!  Then I read it.  I will not be giving this book to any student.

That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy it.  Although I’m still trying to wrap my head around exactly what it is…it’s just not appropriate for school in any way.  The mature-rated language is whatever, but what’s keeping this comic out of my classroom is the sexual content splashed with the casual drug use.

This book is stupid fun.  It’s a single-issue compilation about a basketball team made up of hillbilly truckers punctuated with a player that has a Cheeseburger for a head.  The beef-head is a phenom.  There are some Russians in here (one of them is a centaur), some eagles, some devil-cow creatures, and a rap battle.  And while all of these things are cool…

I’m not in love with the comic.  I think there should be more backstory to let the reader know exactly who these characters are and where they came from; the anthology makes it all a bit disjointed.  But it is crazy, and it kept my interest.  And these guys nailed the table appeal of the book.  I mean, just look at the cover!  Beef Jams is a dope title, and a 90’s kid like me that grew up on basketball and hip-hop could not resist this purchase.

It’s also cool to support local, independent artists and writers.  That’s one of the coolest things about a show like this: neat finds in artist alley.  I try to allocate at least $50.00-$100.00 for independent books at a show like this.  Some of it hits, and some of it doesn’t, but I appreciate the hard work, dedication, and persistence it takes to take something like this from thought to product.

Happy reading!


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