The Storytelling Interviews

Here is an ongoing list of my Storytelling interviews with the person’s profession and the takeaway from each interview.

Interview One: Kori Kallenborn (Pharmacist, Writer)

-Lesson: “When we share our struggles, we find that many of us suffer the same setbacks, and realizing that you are not the only one can help tremendously.”

Interview Two: Dan Dougherty (Teacher, Comics Creator)

-Lesson: “Learn to constructively take feedback!”

Interview Three: Matt Pearl (Tattoo Artist)

-Lesson: “Do your research before jumping into a big decision.  I’d say that goes for getting a tattoo, picking a college, selecting a publisher or print shop for your book/comic, etc.  Look before you leap!”

Interview Four: David Park (Chef)

-Lesson: “Do your homework.  If you want to be tops in a field, or be taken seriously, do the work…learn the basics.  I love that.  I also love finding inspiration from your childhood.  Passion fuels success.”

Interview Five: Mike Dozier (Film Maker)

-Lesson: “Understand that no one views the world as you do, so use that to your advantage.”

Interview Six: Nidhi Chanani (Artist, Writer)

-Lesson: ““Be nice to each other.’  When we get into our passions, our worlds really do shrink, and knowing and remembering that can have a great impact on the relationships we build or burn.”

Interview Seven: Ryan Budds (Comedian, Writer)

-Lesson: “Find a buddy that shares your passion, work together, and be honest with each other.  I’ve worked a few jokes with Ryan, and I value the honest, constructive feedback!

Interview Eight: Brandon Udischas (Escape Room Owner)

-Lesson: “Make it your own.  Be original, or sink.  Sound advice for any new endeavor that you are looking to turn into a successful business.”

Interview Nine: Matt Byrne (NBC Sports Videographer)

-Lesson: “Success is in the details.  Put in the work that others might not.”

Interview Ten: Molly Knox Ostertag (Writer/Artist)

-Lesson: “We should be well-rounded consumers.  I love the idea of experiencing bunches of art and deciding what you’d change if it were you.”

Interview Eleven: Scott King (Writer/Sports Commentator)

-Lesson: “Give yourself time and listen for a while.”  In all things.