ECCC Day One!

Day one of Seattle is in the books. I’ll be presenting at Emerald City Comic Con tomorrow morning at 10:30, and I’ve spent the day preparing, getting accustomed to the city, and eating.


First things first, if you are in Seattle for ECCC, please make some time to drop by Saturday morning at 10:30-11:20: “Comics in the Real World: The Non-Fiction Revolution!” I will be presenting with some amazing educators/artists, and it should be a great panel. We will be discussing a bunch of stuff related to the non-fiction boom in the comics/graphic novel world.

I was going to drop a review of Ms. Marvel here, but I am currently one and a half issues away from being totally caught up, and I want to wait until I’m there to review what I’ve read thus far. Preview: it’s good, but…

I know it’s been a minute since I posted last, but, as many of the educators out there know, it gets rough in the building when you teach three preps, coach stuff, run clubs, and participate on committees. It’s not an excuse, but it sure feels like one. However, as of this past week, things have died down a bit, and since I’m running a graphic novel class next year as a senior elective, I plan on writing a whole bunch more, focusing on discussing what I plan on doing for the GN classes I will be teaching.

Tomorrow I will be networking, presenting, and buying cool stuff at the con; I will discuss my exploits on Sunday, since I plan on Con-ing it up pretty hard-core tomorrow. If you read this, are at ECCC, and would like to discuss comics in the classroom, DM me on Twitter, and let’s chat! Heck, maybe we can get lunch…

Looking forward,


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