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Graphic Novel Review 200/365: 5 Best of the Second 100

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Back in October, I wrote a blog about my top five books of the first 100 blog posts, and I’m happy to say that at post 200, I’m be doing the same!  However, it’s tough!  There were some amazing books between 101 and 199, and while I thought about featuring the top ten, I changed my mind and forced myself to pick five; I wanted to stay consistent with my other first top five post, and I think it gives the five more weight.  I’ve added links to my reviews for each book.

So here you go, my top five books of the second 100 posts (in no particular order…with two honorable mentions):

The One Hundred Nights of Hero (The classical story-telling that I’ve been missing!)

Death Note (If you have not gotten into Manga, here you go! Brilliant writing/story.)

The Sound of the World By Heart (The art in this book is to die for, and the story ain’t that bad either!)

Alone (Beautiful. Thought provoking. Chaboute is a master of black and white imagery.)

Secret Path (This book gave me the feels more than any other book in the second 100. True and heartbreaking. A story we should all know.)

Two honorable mentions:

We3 (I want to rank other books higher than We3, but I can’t shake it, and that’s a sign it should be here.)

Kid Beowulf (The breath of this epic series is extremely impressive…)

Happy reading!


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