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Graphic Novel Review: Fun Fun Fun World

Hey, everyone!

The streak of graphic novel reviews this week continues with another Yehudi Mercado banger: Fun Fun Fun World!

Here’s the premise: a gang of world-capturing aliens (terrible at their job) head to capture the very difficult to capture Earth. They end up landing in a run-down amusement park and get duped, without their knowledge, into helping run the park, thinking they have conquered Earth.

Yeah, it’s as fun as it sounds…

The characters are great. The pacing is great. The story is great. I had an absolute blast reading this thing, and I hope it gets made into a series! That’s something Yehudi does well: he creates worlds in which you want to spend time. I want to go back to Fun Fun Fun World. And I hope I get to some day because this book is FUNNY.

If you have read my posts in the past, you know that I take humor seriously…in life and in comics. It’s difficult to do in comics. Yes, the visual element is there to help, but timing is tough because you can’t tell readers how quickly or slowly to read. Yehudi hits a ton of comedic beats very well in this book. I was laughing out loud a handful of times; I do not do that reading comics. And that’s ironic…because, you know…”comics.”

A couple of days ago, I reviewed Mercado’s Hero Hotel (find that review here). In that review, I discussed Yehudi’s ability to slide jokes in the mix for adults, as many writers writing for younger audiences do. This book does not rely on the under the radar humor for adults, it’s in your face silly. You have to appreciate that, my dude!

Another amazing title from Yehudi Mercado and Oni Press. If you want a great family-friendly sci-fi story with solid humor and fun characters, this one needs a spot on your shelf.

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