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Sunday’s For Teachers: Educational Inspiration – A Poem

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Hey, folks.  I had just penned over 350 words about the importance of where we get our pedagogical influences as teachers.  And as I was writing it, I felt my thoughts and opinions twisting and turning to the point of agreeing and disagreeing with everything I was saying.

I deleted it all.  I was not being fair to myself or others.

Instead, I wrote the following poem that I hope captures my thoughts and feelings a bit more humbly.  I hope you enjoy.

“Where We Find Inspiration: An Educator’s Search”

I have found inspiration on the pages of the latest “best-selling” educational tome,

but 90% of that book bounced right off my dome.

I have found inspiration in that kid that called me an asshole,

realizing that some of my practices needed some quality control.

I have found inspiration from my passionate educator friends

who have molded my classroom more than they could possibly comprehend.

I have found inspiration from a cliche on the wall,

picking up a book promoted by a player of professional basketball.

I have found inspiration in a nice word from my boss

and from that kind woman in the lunch room eating too much apple sauce.

I have found inspiration from documentaries on Netflix

and in the creative ways that I’ve found to use worn chopsticks.

I have found inspiration in the food that I eat

but also a bunch from the shoes on my feet.

I have found inspiration in films, comics, television

and even the intricate illustrations of cell-division.

I have found inspiration in the critique of my work

at 2 A.M. from the hotel desk clerk.

I have found inspiration down the aisles of craft stores

and on crappy reality television dance floors.

I have found inspiration in the wisdom of my wife

who has offered so much she is beyond a rhyming word.

Of course this is only the start of my rant,

for I forgot to mention the confident fire ant.

But rest assured inspiration is all around

as you sculpt and create your educational battleground.

I hope you enjoyed this and find inspiration to share where you have found some of your inspiration.

Happy teaching!


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