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Storytelling Is Not Dead: 500 Comics Of Summer – Post 3

If you are looking for cool graphic novels or comics to teach, check out my 365 Reviews here.

And you can follow the day by day of my 500 Comics of Summer by clicking here.

That’s right, by the end of September, I will have read over 500 single issues and be sort of caught up on my comics reading!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this, but if you have been following the 500 Comics link above, you know that I have been reading issues on the reg.  With only two days left of June, I’ve already knocked out 124 issues: a quarter of the way there!

Highlights so far:

Here are the books that you should read.

1.) Southern Bastards: soooo good.  Not safe for work (at all), but damn.  Can’t wait to read the rest.  I’m on issue 15.  If you dig drama and heavy characters, just go get it.  Rated Hard-R though…you have been warned.

2.) Paper Girls: only one issue until this 30-issue run ends.  I caught up just in time.  It’s everything you love about kids navigating a strange, sci-fi landscape.  Cool characters, amazing art/coloring, and interesting page layouts will have you hooked.  Some F-Bombs, but nothing too racy in this series.

3.) Manifest Destiny: brilliant story about Lewis and Clark exploring the great west, if the great west was filled with strange beasts and monsters.  The character development really picks up in the later issues.  This book would make a DOPE TV show.

4.) James Bond Origin: not much into Bond, but this origin story set in WWII is great.  The writing is fantastic.  Yet another comic I’d like to see as a show.  Some story arcs span a few issues, and some wrap in one.

OK.  I’m going to go read more!  Talk to you later…check these out, and let your social media friends know that the @comics_teacher gave you the rec!


Happy reading!


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